random words of wisdom for the incoming college freshman who is scared as shit




  • Everyone is in the same boat.
  • the first week of school, everyone is clamoring for friends. the friends you make in the first week will, most likely, not be the friends you end up keeping. that’s okay. keep meeting new people and talk to people in your classes. 
  • don’t start dating someone until you’re settled. or you’ll end up in a relationship with a christian republican boy when REALLY YOU’RE A LESBIAN
  • wait at least two months to get a tattoo. 
  • It’s okay to get food by yourself. The first time you go to the dining hall alone, you’ll feel like everyone thinks you’re a loser and feel really awkward, but eventually you will begin to LOVE sitting down with your laptop and a bowl of cocoa puffs with nobody to bother you.
  • you can go to the gym alone, too.
  • if someone asks you to do something or hang out, DO IT. I don’t care if you have social anxiety or don’t feel like going out. it’ll be fun. you’ll be glad you did.
  • you are going to be overpacked. when you go to Target to get all your dorm stuff, they’re gonna give you a list. You need about 1/6th of those things. 
  • getting a hot pink refrigerator to match your bright turquoise bed sheets, lamp, and rug, might seem like a great idea, but you’re gonna get tired of this stuff eventually. besides, if it’s from bed bath and beyond or target…suzie down the hall is going to have the exact same stuff. shop around. 
  • quilts are great.
  • If you don’t wanna spend the money on a mini fridge, a small wine cooler works too. 
  • freshman 15 is a very real thing. even if you make it the whole semester without gaining a pound, you will lock yourself in your room and eat costco-sized boxes of bagel bites during finals. but its ok, you’ll work it off and look even better than before.
  • at orientation, you’re going to hear people tell you to join clubs CONSTANTLY. That’s because you should. You’ll meet awesome people who share the same interests as you, and even if you don’t become besties, its great to have a network.
  • School spirit is cool.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to parties, but use your common sense. Don’t drink and drive, and for the love of god, don’t smoke weed in the dorms. FIND A SPOT IN THE WOODS.
  • Can’t decide if you want to join a sorority/fraternity? Go to a few recruitment events and see if you’re a fit. I went, decided I wasn’t, and ended up rushing a co-ed academic fraternity my sophomore year. You’ll find what fits for you. 
  • When you get your syllabi at the beginning of the year, most of your classes will have all the assignment dates listed. Put them all on different colored sticky notes on your wall so you can look at it and see exactly what you need to do. Take them down as they’re completed. 
  • Get a calendar and agenda, and use them.
  • College is going to feel like summer camp for the first couple weeks, but eventually it’s going to just feel like home. Your friends become your family. Also, it may not always seem like it, but you’re responsible for your choices now. Know when to marry the night and when to go to bed early. Both are okay.
  • Your mom is going to cry when she drops you off. She will be okay. 
  • And I’ll say it again: everyone is in the same boat. You’re all freaked out, and you don’t have any reason to be. College isn’t like high school. People are, in general, kind and helpful. You will be okay.
  • Good luck!

I love this. Gives me hope after a whirlwind and stressful orientation that I just completed.

for any of my followers who are going to college for the first time!

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