Just went through the Oleanna tag, having just seen that play performed by my school.

The tagline should be: If you take the professor’s side, you’re wrong. And an awful person.

The amount of privilege; male, class, and in this case white (the student, Carol, was played by a WOC in our school’s production), not to mention a severe victim-blaming attitude, that it would take to sympathize with the professor in any regard is staggering. If someone’s committing institutionalized, oppressive violence, then yeah, their feelings are not the ones worth giving a toss about, no matter what excuses, sob stories, or “but I feel…"s they offer up. It’s the victim’s. 

So yeah, if you hate Carol, or think that she shouldn’t have taken the measures against the professor that she did, or deride her for being “social justice-y”, then yeah. You’re terrible. And I’d say that you’re missing the entire point of the play, but considering the tagline that it has, I get the feeling that it somehow missed its own point too, somewhere along the way. 

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    I was very uncomfortable at the fact that my class cheered when Carol was beaten (we watched the film version.) I feel...
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    Exactly. And he was definitely not by any means innocent. What he initially did was sexual harassment at the very least,...
  5. itsfuckingdistractingohgood said: I’ve read Oleanna twice and have never been able to side with anyone. Taking into account that the play is based on the Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas hearings—-it does however raise questions.
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    Oh, I’ve heard of that play and while I’m not sure of the details or whether the professor dude was actually innocent or...