omg desert bluffs/strex corps’ “thanks for having us!!” message was so creepy and so perfectly in character for them like

not going to acknowledge all the horrible things we did to you, or that there was a full out war between us, or even that our plans failed


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Oh gosh but I really love Carlos and Cecil in this episode. Carlos misses Cecil and he loves him and he’s the only person Carlos really cares about, and that’s important but it’s not everything Carlos is. 

This is Carlos coming into his own as a character. He’s not just Cecil’s boyfriend, we don’t about him just through Cecil, he’s not doing his own thing in the background. He’s his own person with his own wants (and sometimes things you want don’t align with what your partner wants, much as you love them), and he’s stuck in a bad situation but he’s going to make the best of it. Yes, he’s stuck in an otherworldly desert and he doesn’t really know how he’s going to get home, but there’s also so much to learn and so much to explore and find out, and that’s exciting!

It’s so obvious how important Cecil is to Carlos, but he isn’t the only important thing in his life. And that’s a good thing. 

This relationship is so fantastic because it’s so real and imperfect - sometimes their priorities don’t line up. Sometimes they annoy each other. Sometimes there are communication issues. But after all of that, they still love each other, and that’s the only thing Carlos is certain of.

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look at these nerds. i swear.

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This show is my gay buoy. All of it and everyone involved in it. <3

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the problem with jasika nicole is that yr like wow actress what a great. and then there’s her face and it’s like oh no oh no houston we have a crush and then you look at her cute dresses and its like wow also great fashion sense what a cute that’s even worse and then it’s like oh btw she makes the cute dresses herself and it’s like oh no what secret talent also so cute and talent oh no help but there is no helping you now yr lost forever in a puddle of mush.

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"You can’t see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe!"
CARLOS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (via runnereight)
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"We did almost an entire show together!"
— Cecil you sound so smug i bet you’ve been wanting to do this since episode one. (via mr-reblogbutton)
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Anonymous → Okay I think I totally missed it. When was phone sex brought up in the episode? (sorry for bothering you, I'm just not catching it)

No worries, it was just something that was heavily implied. Carlos’ direct quote was, “We have our phones, we have our voices, and you have the best voice of them all. (…) We can still do things together, even in absence.” Dylan’s delivery of the line was key. 

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sometimes i cry at night because i have this headcanon that Carlos listing his feelings in OOD is something Cecil started for both of them so that they could communicate better

and i can’t stop thinking about Carlos being difficult to access emotionally and Cecil bringing him out of his shell

and also if Carlos had other SO’s none of them sticking with him bc of communication breakdowns

and Cecil being the only one who’s actually tried not to “fix” him, really, but to try to understand him instead of just writing him off

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Vogue knitted lace dress is complete! Not without it’s share of drama and frustrations, but I love how she came out and the fit is great! Will be putting notes for my alterations on my ravelry page at HYMagic. Happy knitting!

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